I see something extraordinary here in this George Siemens’ quote. In my teaching life I have felt the tidal pull to always connect. I have not been encouraged by my bosses in this undertaking until I became a college teacher. Now that I can, I see the enormity of that task. How do we transform our teaching and learning? First, we turn it around and realize that we must re-connect to our own best learning lights whatever those might be. Next, we must connect with and be open to all the other unfamiliar, undervalued, misunderstood, or flat-out disliked ways which might be of use to us. Lastly, we renew our teaching based upon these acts of faith in ourselves. The transformation is ugly, uneven, retarded at times by bias, joyous, surprising, mystifying, and continuous. How tough is that? It is a goal worthy of reflecting back upon at day’s end and at life’s end. Nothing less will do if we really seek to transform ourselves as we model for our students what it means to learn.