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Building a Crystal Clear Whiteboard

Originally posted on Hackaday:

[Michael Peshkin] teaches mechanical engineering at Northwestern University. He likes to use diagrams to illustrate his point, but he also likes to face his students when doing so. His solution was to develop this clear whiteboard which ends up unlocking a lot more than just some hand-drawn schematics.

It’s a bit hard to see what he’s written on the board in the image above but squint and see if you can figure out what’s wrong with this style of teaching? Everything he’s writing is backwards. That’s not actually a problem in this case as [Michael] uses flip teaching. He records and posts all of his lectures online. Classroom time is then used for question and answer on the lecture subjects. In order to get the text to read the correct way he just bounces the camera off of a mirror.

The board itself is a huge sheet of tempered…

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PandoWeekly: Adam Penenberg on what it’s like to be hacked


Truly an OMG/WTF moment. But for the grace of God go I.

Originally posted on PandoDaily:


Last month, PandoDaily editor Adam Penenberg published a 7,000-word story that detailed how he challenged a group of white-hat hackers to infiltrate his personal life. Over a number of weeks, the hackers staked out his apartment, infiltrated his wife’s Pilates studio, and eventually found a way to break into his home computers, which opened up access to his passwords, his social media accounts, his tax documents, and his bank account. The story, “I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling,” turned out to be one of the most widely read pieces PandoDaily has ever published.

5,000 tweets, 18,000 Facebook Likes, and 3,000 LinkedIn shares later, I talked to veteran journalist and author Penenberg about the story for this week’s PandoWeekly podcast. In the half-hour show, he told me what it was like being on the inside of what was an at-times bizarre experience, what…

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Testament of Orpheus — Jean Cocteau (Full Film)



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A Quarry — Albrecht Durer

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Is the Moto G the Goldilocks phone for spendthrifts?


Yes, Moto G for me.

Originally posted on PandoDaily:

Moto G Announcement

Smartphones don’t cost nearly as much as they should. Americans have grown so accustomed to purchasing subsidized devices from their wireless carriers that they won’t even consider paying the full price for a product despite the fact that doing so would save them thousands of dollars in the long run. Even though companies like Google are releasing products that cost much less than the $650 many other devices cost without a contract, the subsidized price still tricks consumers into thinking that they’re better off purchasing a smartphone through their wireless carrier.

The Moto G, a mid-tier smartphone that will cost just $180 without a contract, might be able to change that. The device isn’t as compelling as its more expensive counterpart, the slow-selling Moto X, but it might just be enough to convince consumers that they don’t have to choose between paying $650 for an off-contract smartphone and…

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10 Japanese Twitter posts that will change the way you think about the future


This is the one I like the most:

Student: “What kind of person uses this stuff down the line?”
Teacher: “What kind of person will you amount to if you can’t even handle this?”

Originally posted on RocketNews24:

future Tweets04

The future is full of uncertainty, both fun and terrifying in equal measure. In today’s global economy, there’s plenty of reason to get anxious over what’s to come, but that doesn’t stop some people from dreaming big.

Everyone has a different perspective on the future and how to face it, but by becoming aware of these personal differences, we can change our own approach to these uncertain matters. Here are 10 Japanese Twitter posts that will give you new ideas about your life and where it’s headed.

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